Revive and relive the tradition of hookah smoking with hookah portable products.The traditional feel, taste and smell of the hookah are now achievable with no coal, ash, smoke, smell and with nicotine free options.The e-hookah gives you a richer flavor and more vapor than an e-cigarette. Carry a healthy smoking substitute with style and convenience far and wide with the portable hookah and handy accessories. We believe in delivering consistent quality coupled with cost effective products to all our customers. We have an impressive variety in Hookah Pens, Rechargeable Hookahs, Portable Hookahs, and Custom Hookahs.


With Hookah Portable’s products you will be constantly introduced to new and innovated E-Hookahs in the industry. Key points include....

    Range of new and exotic flavors
  • Freedom to smoke indoors and in all places without restrictions
  • Harmless vaping
  • Nicotine control
  • Style and fine finish
  • Privileges of customized hookah
  • Mixing up of flavors at leisure

Hookah portable’s hookah facts:

  • The disposable hookah pen is a practical choice for people on the go.
  • The rechargeable electronic hookah provides a long term fulfillment for up to 15 hours and comes with a year long warranty.
  • The vapors produced by the rechargeable tanks are up to ten times more than any other electric hookah in the market.
  • The assortment of refreshing and eccentric new flavors available varies from classic tobacco to fruity concoctions and will satiate a variety of personal tastes.
  • Purchase e-hookahs in bulk at affordable rates with free shipping no matter where you are.
  • You can have accessories like chargers, batteries and tips to enhance your smoking bliss.

Why E hookah is the best choice?

E-Hookah smoking is safer than traditional cigarette and tobacco hookah smoking. Many scientific reasons have also revealed that e-hookah is the better alternative of any cigarette and traditional hookah because there is no tobacco involved in e-hookah. Lets step back for a minute and see what a traditional hookah consists of, what is the history and recent popularity and then look about the advantages of having E-hookah as the option which is not only portable but also good for health.

Ordering E Hookah online made easy!

Hookah lovers will be immensely delighted to know that their worries related to buying an electronic hookah are momentary. Therefore, if some of you have given up on using the tobacco filled regular cigarettes that every random person uses and are looking for a stylish Hookah then you will find several online stores for it. Cyber world has some beautiful branded hookah options for hookah lovers. Those who want to live their life to the fullest and enjoy different flavors of new cig brand will find many online hookah stores. These hookah stores offer reliable quality hookahs, e cigs and shisha to all those who love to smoke in style.

Get the best custom Hookah for you

Only Hookah lovers can be fully aware of the importance of hookah and how it affects their life. Besides being a style-statement, it is also a status-icon that truly amplifies your personality to a whole new level. Won’t you then go for a hookah that will contain all these elements together? Hookah Portable, brings you the best hookahs in town that will not only fulfill your need but also inculcate in you the confidence and style you desire.